The McArtor Group

It’s like real estate service in the hands of a “Maestro.” When they make a commitment to a client, the goal is nothing less than a standing ovation. Meet the McArtor Group.In the dictionary, the word maestro is defined as “a master of any art.” To anybody who has witnessed Natalie McArtor at work helping her clients (alongside husband Curt), it’s the perfect word to describe her passionate approach to her art. She is in her element when surveying the playing field and directing her team, who work in perfect harmony as they follow her lead. With Curt as her respected confidante and the team anchor, their team always provides a grand performance that elicits rave reviews.

A Legacy of Performance For Natalie and Curt, their art is real estate, and truth be told, they are very good at it. So good, in fact, that a whopping 97% of their business each year comes from referrals and repeat clients. Even more extraordinary, they are helping the children of their clients buy and sell homes now. That is quite a legacy of stellar service and performance!

Maestro Natalie An important key to their success is how both Natalie and Curt’s personalities mesh and fit together, perfectly complementing each other. They recently had personality profiles done for the whole team so they could visually see how their personalities and traits worked together. Natalie’s personality was classified as “Maestro,” a classification that perfectly describes her leadership skills, her vision and her relentless pursuit of perfection.

For more than 25 years, Natalie refined her visionary leadership skills as a regional sales manager for national retail companies like Natural Wonders and Casual Corner. As a core executive in charge of productivity, she carried that responsibility with ease and proved her value and expertise time and time again for nearly three decades.

Authentic, Genuine and Steadfast Curt’s personality profile showed why he is the anchor to the dynamic team. His key attributes were his authentic nature, his supportive management style, his calming influence and listening skills.

Also a successful corporate professional for 25 years, Curt was a key component at a law firm that specialized in domestic relations. As the comptroller, he was intensely focused on the firm’s financial bottom line and protected their assets with deft expertise. A gifted problem solver, Curt’s thorough nature and eye for detail always provided the best possible solutions for any challenge.

A Perfect Storm of Positive Attributes Where this all comes together and creates an incredible dynamic is when Natalie and Curt channel their strengths, skill sets and their extensive business experience toward their clients’ important goals. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find more qualified representation for your next move. Natalie has consistently been in the Top 1% of Realtors® nationwide!

Designations and Certifications Natalie and Curt hold several designations and certifications. Key among those would be their Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialists designation and their classifications as Certified Residential Specialists. But the most powerful advantage they bring to clients is that they are both Accredited Staging Professionals. “First impressions are critical and drive everything from time on market to selling price,” explains Curt. “We work hard to make sure each house showcases like a gem, whether that’s just rearranging furniture, painting, new flooring or bringing in accessories and furniture to make it shine over competing homes.”

Bringing Value to Buyers Highly respected and knowledgeable about the local market, Natalie and Curt bring a tenacious drive to exceed client expectations—every time. That’s what drives their clients to become raving fans and why they are referred to as The Real Estate Maestros! Call them today.

Orchestrating Outstanding Results and Raising the Bar When it Comes to Great Real Estate Service!

Natalie and Curt McArtor have orchestrated a cutting edge realty team and an approach to real estate like no other. Natalie and Curt both come team-web-copyfrom corporate backgrounds, and they have instilled their keen business acumen and insights into their hand-picked team. Both high level agents who expect so much from themselves, Natalie and Curt approach each and every transaction with one goal: To create a raving fan for life. “That’s why we have worked so hard to put together such a stellar team with the same conviction as ours,” says Natalie. “Our team allows Curt and I to focus on the big picture and on our client’s key needs.”

Natalie and Curt’s team members are also licensed agents and not just “office help.” That brings a higher level of knowledge to the table as they work under Natalie’s direction. Each team member is a specialist in their respective roles they perform for their clients. You simply cannot find better representation for your next move.

Natalie and Curt McArtor are walking proof that if you are truly passionate about what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Their commitment level to their clients is off the charts, producing raving fans for life. It’s like the equivalent of a standing ovation in real estate. Experience it for yourself!