My husband and I lived in a small rambler with our 2 children for almost 3 years. Our house was small but we had no intention to move because we love our neighborhood. I was on a walk one day in early November and saw a home that was literally right down the street from us, same schools, even the same bus. I reached out to the McAr-tors because my parents had a great experience with them selling their home and they were based in Gainesville. Within a couple days Natalie and Curt set up a time and came over to discuss our options. We explained that this was the only house that would make us move. Natalie reached out to the sellers to explain that we needed to sell our home first but we were very motivated and wanted their home. The sellers accepted our offer. Amazing! We then listed our house the first week in December. With the holidays around the corner, this was a very difficult time but Natalie and Curt were there every step of the way. We had an offer on our home within 7 days and the buyers wanted to close January 10th. The sellers of the home we were buying were very difficult to work with, not wanting to collaborate. Natalie and Curt assisted in set-ting up almost every inspection for both homes. They demonstrated incredible atten-tion to detail and phenomenal execution skills. The McArtors recommended everyone from the well and septic to roofing companies. All of them reputable, very responsive (we were on a time crunch), and just as enjoyable to work with. We settled at RGS Title in Gainesville on our new home January 10th.

There is no doubt in my mind that the McArtors made this happen. I truly believe that. We have been in our new home for 3 months and are loving every minute. The McArtors have reached out to make sure everything is going well and also to remind us they are here if we need anything.

We still pinch ourselves daily and can’t believe that this our home. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, use the McArtors. Period, the end. There is no one better.