“We met Natalie & Curt a few years ago and liked them instantly. They are a very warm and personable couple. When Damon’s job moved and the new commute was going to be too far we decided to sell our home and buy at a location central to both our jobs. Natalie and Curt were the first and only realtors we thought of.

Since we were selling and buying, timing was crucial and we weren’t going to settle on any house; it had to be our dream home. And we wanted a fair price for the home we were selling. Curt and Natalie came to our house with a great market comparison for us and we set a price on the house that was fair. They made great recommendations on how to dis-play the house. We were worried that we would not be able to sell due to the declined market, but we got a full price offer in 4 days! Wow!

We still needed to find a home in a location that was unfamiliar to us. We were very specific about what we wanted in our dream home. Natalie and Curt were very profi-cient at finding houses that matched what we wanted. Natalie was more than willing to show us as many houses as we wanted to see until we found the right one. We were so impressed with their patience; we looked at a lot of houses till we found our dream home; we loved it from the minute we saw it.

We just don’t consider them our realtors, they are our friends!”