Curt McArtor

Curt McArtor

Partner/Realtor, GRI, ASP, SHS

Also born and raised in Alexandria, Curt – the other Partner on the McArtor team – spends much of his time behind the scenes. Since joining the team in 2003, his main focus is to work with our sellers to make sure their property is priced competitively in the current market and keep them informed of any changes in the market. Curt – along with Natalie – is a professional home stager, and works with our clients to make sure their home shows in a way to best entice a buyer. Curt’s personality proves why he is the anchor to the dynamic team. His key attributes are his authentic nature, his supportive management style, his calming influence and his listening skills. As a comptroller in a major law firm he was intensely focused on the firm’s financial bottom line, making Curt a gifted problem solver with an eye for detail and providing the best possible solutions for any challenge. In addition, Curt works with many of buyers and handles the finances and inner workings of the team. He prides himself on his ability to fine-tune any tsk that he takes on, and he specializes in the details.

“I have known Curt McArtor for several years and would highly recommend him. I spent several years looking for the perfect home. Several contracts and several home inspections later, the perfect home was finally mine! Curt so graciously made many trips far from home to rural areas in the middle of the woods (and even in the middle of snow storms) to accommodate my search. His assistance in crafting the perfect offer achieved the winning bid on a home that had tons of interest in the first 24 hours and multiple offers coming to the table.

I believe that Curt would say that I was probably his most “challenging” client. I can truly say that it was a pleasure to work with him and I consider him to be a friend.”
– Christine F.